November 12, 2020

Cat Bored at Home While You’re at Work? There’s an Adorable, Little Robot for That

By haziqbinarif

They say when the cat’s away, the mice will play. But what does the cat do when no one is around?

a cat sitting on a table: Enabot

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To help combat kitty boredom — an issue that may be on the rise for some cat parents that are back at work after quarantining with their kitties, — Enabot has created a tiny robot to keep your cat entertained.

The Ebo by Enabot interacts with cats via autonomous movements, which include rolling and dancing, or cat owners can take control of the robot through an app on their phone, and play with their pet whether they are at home, sitting at the office, or away on a trip.

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Along with keeping your cat busy, the Ebo also comes equipped with a 1080 HD camera that streams sounds and video, so you can stay connected to your feline no matter where you are, even if it’s just the next room. There are also options to turn the camera’s footage into videos and photos that you can share with family and friends.

The Ebo also has different playstyles (like hyper and lazy) in order to appeal to cats of various ages and temperaments. If you aren’t sure what your cat’s playstyle is, no problem. This robot is able to use its built-in AI “to learn with your cat for creative exercise routines,” according to Enabot, and once playtime is over, the Ebo will return to its charging station on its own.

a cat sitting on a table: The Ebo is a robot with built-in AI that can learn your cat's play style

© Enabot
The Ebo is a robot with built-in AI that can learn your cat’s play style

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After a successful Kickstarter fundraiser last year, the Ebo is now available for consumers to purchase on Enabot’s website or $249.00.

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