November 12, 2020

Wisconsin Marine started Sierra Delta to train for veterans’ dogs

By haziqbinarif

Marine veteran John Matter with his dog, Zuul, a German Shepherd trained and given to him through Sierra Delta, at Hart Park in Wauwatosa. Sierra Delta, a Wisconsin nonprofit, provides training for dogs for any veteran who wants one.

When a veteran is depressed or having a panic attack or nightmare or suffering from PTSD, sometimes the antidote can be as simple as a dog’s paw on their hand or a lick to their face.

Any dog owner knows what a calming influence their pup can be and a nonprofit started by a Wisconsin Marine aims to get a trained dog to any veteran who wants and needs one.

B.J. Ganem knows the power of pooches and founded Sierra Delta a few years ago to provide training for dogs who are life buddies. Though there are several well-established nonprofits that raise money to train guide dogs and service dogs for veterans, Sierra Delta is a different kind of program.

“We’re trying to get rid of the myth of presenting a veteran with a dog. Instead, a veteran picks a dog and we train them with a focus on rescue dogs because so many are killed every year,” said Ganem.

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