November 17, 2020

5 Dangerous diseases in dogs and their symptoms to keep your pooch safe and protected

By haziqbinarif

Like humans, dogs can also be affected by a deadly disease. It can cause serious health issues in them. These are the deadly diseases in dogs and their symptoms.

Like human beings, our pets can also get ill due to any chronic disease which can be fatal for them. And this is also applicable to your pet dogs. There are many dangerous diseases that can cause serious issues in your furry friend and might affect them intensely.

So, it’s better to know about the diseases and their symptoms so that you can protect your dogs from those chronic diseases. Here are some dangerous diseases of dogs mentioned that you should know about.

Dangerous diseases in dogs:

Canine distemper

The symptoms of this disease are runny eyes, fever, coughing, vomiting etc. It’s a highly contagious disease that is transmitted by airborne exposure or by shared foods on the same bowl. This hardens the dog’s noses and food pads. Puppies and dogs who are sensitive to airborne viruses are always prone to this disease.


Heartworms are parasites that are found in your dog’s heart and they can damage the heart, lungs and blood vessels. This is spread by mosquitos and the common symptoms are lethargy, cough, respiratory problems, heart diseases and weight loss.


It’s one of the most common and deadly diseases in dogs. Fever, pain and hyperactivity are some of the symptoms of this disease. It’s spread from the bite or saliva of an infected animal and is really fatal to your dogs. It is also seen in humans hence you should vaccinate your dog at the right time.

Kidney disease

Weight loss, appetite loss, vomiting, increased urination etc. are the common symptoms of this disease. Kidney disease mainly affects older dogs and prevent certain activities in the body like eliminating protein waste, balancing body water, salts and acid. These activities produce normal urine.


Its common symptoms are fever, muscle tenderness, lethargy, vomiting, dehydration etc. This is caused by Leptospira bacteria which is spread by the contact to any sick dog. The bacteria is found in soil and natural water bodies like lakes, rivers etc. Antibiotics are given to the sick dogs to treat the condition but the easiest way to prevent the disease is to get your dog vaccinated.

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