November 22, 2020

True loves awaits you at the Burlington County Animal Shelter.

By haziqbinarif

It’s Back to School time, and Milo has already established himself as the BCOC- Big Cat on Campus! Since arriving on campus, Milo quickly became known as Mr. Popularity, and his new pals eagerly nominated him as the Cat of the Week. The only question is, which superlative will grace Milo’s yearbook photo: Most Outgoing or Most Handsome? 

Milo put on his ‘serious face’ for his yearbook photo.

 Impressively, Milo is also in the running for Most Athletic, as he absolutely loves to play. His favorite sports include playing fetch and catching the kitty fishing pole. 

As if that wasn’t enough, Milo also won the shelter talent show with his unique and adorable ‘kangaroo dance!’ Milo loves to show off his trick when he hangs out in the meet-and-greet room of the shelter. He gets so excited when meeting new people that he hops around like a tiny kangaroo. Wouldn’t you love to have a permanent front row seat to Milo’s shows?

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