November 25, 2020

100 Girl Cat Names That Are as Cute and Lovable as Your Kitty

By haziqbinarif

Photo credit: IRA_EVVA - Getty Images
Photo credit: IRA_EVVA – Getty Images

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If you’ve recently adopted a cat, know that choosing a name that suits your kitty is serious business. Think about it, this will be the forever moniker for your beloved feline. You want it to be good, right? While it’s a big responsibility, selecting her name can be fun and the possibilities are endless.

However, keep in mind that first impressions matter. Whether she’s long-haired with striking gray eyes or hairless with large ears, make sure you land on a name that complements her appearance and seemingly fits her personality.

From the most popular to food-inspired, these best girl cat names are sure to get the wheels turning in your head. Although we’ve come up with 100 ideas, we’re just scratching the surface!

Most Popular Girl Cat Names

Your kitty will be in good company on the popularity list. These female names ranked the highest in 2019, according to

  • Luna

  • Bella

  • Lily

  • Lucy

  • Kitty

  • Callie

  • Nala

  • Zoe

  • Chloe

  • Sophie

  • Daisy

  • Stella

  • Cleo

  • Lola

  • Gracie

  • Mia

  • Molly

  • Penny

  • Willow Olive

Cute Names

If you’re bringing a sweet kitten into your heart and home, give her a name that’s as adorable as she is.

  • Angel

  • Bessie

  • Buffy

  • Callie

  • Cassie

  • Eve

  • Fluffy

  • Lexi

  • Lola

  • Lulu

  • Mimi

  • Missy

  • Misty

  • Pearl

  • Penelope

  • Summer

  • Sunny

  • Suzy

  • Violet

Unique Names

Want your favorite feline to stand out? Look no further than these creative options to tickle your fancy.

  • Ashlin

  • Chyna

  • Cloudy

  • Emmy

  • Fizzy

  • Gidget

  • Giggles

  • Happy

  • Linx

  • Pebbles

  • Penny

  • Pippi

  • Rory

  • Scribbles

  • Snowflake

  • Snuffy

  • Toy

  • Xena

  • Yara

  • Zippy

Photo credit: VioletaStoimenova - Getty Images
Photo credit: VioletaStoimenova – Getty Images

Food-Inspired Names

Let these enticing monikers whet your naming appetite.

  • Pepper

  • Skittles

  • Milky

  • Sprinkles

  • Biscuit

  • Saltine

  • Kit-Kat

  • Cookie

  • Butters

  • Marshmallow

  • Pancake

  • Pita

  • Margarita

  • Jelly Bean

  • Cinnamon

  • Apple

  • Pumpkin

  • Sage

  • Muffin

  • Lollipop

Pop Culture Names

Look to the arts for inspiration. From music to movies, these playful ideas are sure to make your friends and family smile. Plus, some of these names are up 100%, according to — we see you Lizzo!

  • Ariana (as in Ariana Grande, singer)

  • Billie (as in Billie Eilish, singer)

  • Eleven (Stranger Things)

  • Issa (as in Issa Rae, multi-hyphenate star)

  • Lizzo (rapper/singer)

  • Madonna (as in Madonna, artist)

  • Megan Thee Feline (as in Megan Thee Stallion, rapper)

  • Miley (as in Miley Cyrus)

  • Sheba (as in Queen of Sheba)

  • Swift (as in Taylor Swift, pop singer)

Funny Names

Want to make your loved ones laugh, tell them that you blessed your kitty with one of these hilarious, fun-loving names.

  • Yoyo

  • Catti B

  • Joker

  • Whiskers

  • Queen Bey

  • Scratchy

  • Purr-lina

  • Paw-la Abdul

  • Catty LaBelle

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