November 28, 2020

18 Cat Strollers To Bring Your Cat On All Your Adventures

By haziqbinarif

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The world of an indoor cat can be predictable: The same rooms, the same toys, the same people, and maybe the occasional treat. Change up the routine by safely introducing your favorite feline to the exciting sights, sounds, and smells of the great outdoors with the help of a cat stroller.

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While it might seem like a quirky thing to buy, a cat stroller is essentially a carrier on wheels. The “seat” is a secure compartment with mesh windows that offer a view, while also creating an enclosed feeling that’ll keep your cat feeling calm. For added security, there’s usually a tether that can hook on to a cat harness. (A collar and ID tag is also a must before any trip outside, no matter what.)

Though you can find pet strollers with wheels made for jogging or hiking, it’s best to start with smaller trips around the neighborhood to see how your cat reacts to the experience. Even if you just plan on using the stroller to make trips to the vet a little easier, starting with a walk around the block creates a more positive association with the stroller rather than the stress of a check-up.

Acclimating your cat to a stroller is a bit like introducing a new pet carrier. The key is to let the stroller become a familiar sight. A week before you plan on taking your walk, keep the stroller out with the compartment open. You may find that your cat will either explore the compartment or make herself right at home inside of it. If your cat is keeping a safe distance, don’t force the relationship. Instead, try adding a favorite towel or bed inside, or offer a few favorite treats.

Overall, the success of a cat stroller will largely depend on your cat’s personality (it’s going to likely be a pass for skittish kitties). If you have a hunch your kitty will love it, we’ve rounded up 18 cat strollers that’ll fit any budget, cat family size, and lifestyle.

Kinbor Foldable Pet Stroller With Storage Basket

Style meets durability in this cat stroller from Walmart. The leopard pattern brightens up even dreary days, and the wind-resistant Oxford cloth construction helps keep your kitty cozy. The mesh panels ensure breathability (and a nice view of the neighborhood).

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