November 29, 2020

Kind Veterinarian Eats Along with Abused Dog Who Refuses to Eat [Video]

By haziqbinarif

There are so many stories of forgiving animals who, once in a safe place with kind people, instantly give affection, jump around, and relax. This is wonderful and we’re so happy to know that these animals can finally be happy and trusting of those who care for them. However, animal abuse can leave a lasting impact. Many animals that suffered abuse and neglect need time to mentally and emotionally recover just as they need time and to physically recover.

This poor pup was a victim of abuse. Even at the shelter, he cowered in the corner, still seeming quite scared and nervous. He also wouldn’t eat, which is a common sign of stress in animals. Fortunately, this veterinarian knew exactly what to do. The vet sat with the poor pup and dined with him. He was patient and even let the sweet pup eat out of his hand.

With the help of this vet, this pup seems to be on the road to recovery. He just needed someone to be patient with him and show him that people can be trusted to be kind.

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