December 2, 2020

Keep pets safe with Christmas decorations up

By haziqbinarif

Dear Readers,

I hope your Thanksgiving was very joyful. And now, the Christmas decorations go up! Christmas music and decorations bring us joy during a very bleak year, so we’re all anxious to get them going. But in the process, keep the safety of your pets in mind. Dogs and cats get excited about all the new toys that are suddenly available to play with. The last thing you want to do is end up in the veterinary emergency room with your dog having foreign body surgery.

Let’s begin with the Christmas tree. If you are going to put up a tree, put your pets outside or shut them into a room away from the activity so that they are not under foot. This allows you to clean up all the stray ornaments and wrappings before they return to the room. It also keeps them from seeing you decorate, or, in their eyes, play with the tree. If they think you play with the tree, then they will be more likely to want to play with it too.

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