December 2, 2020

New food pantry caters to pets

By haziqbinarif

Helaine Block, of Sudbury, started Kobe Henro Pet Food Bank. She was with her dogs Rose, left, and Henry, Nov. 4, 2020.

SUDBURY — Last month, Helaine Block was driving through the center of town when she saw some commotion at the Sudbury Community Food Bank.

With Block were her two rescue dogs, Henry, a Labrador-husky mix, and Rosita, a sato, otherwise known as a Puerto Rican street dog.

“I peered over one of the dogs and I saw an unusually long line snaking around the parking lot,” she said.

As Block thought about the struggling families dealing with the impact of the pandemic, she wondered how their four-legged friends were fairing.

“Some people are having a really hard time feeding themselves and feeding their children, then you think about what happens to the dogs,” she said.

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