December 3, 2020

Experts offer some food safety tips for people and pets to keep everyone healthy on Thanksgiving – Boston News, Weather, Sports

By haziqbinarif

(WHDH) — With more people staying home this Thanksgiving due to the coronavirus emergency, many will be making a full turkey dinner for the first time.

According to the USDA, millions of people get sick from foodborne illnesses every year.

“To know when it is fully done and safe to eat, you’ll want to check it with a food thermometer in three places. Those are going to be the thickest part of the breast, the outermost part of the wing and the innermost part of the thigh,” USDA Food Safety Expert Meredith Carothers said.

She also said that any leftovers should be packaged up and put in the refrigerator within two hours of eating.

When it comes to pets, experts say it is not safe to let them sample everything from the Thanksgiving table.

Avoid giving them stuffing as it is often made with onions and other ingredients that can be toxic.

Turkey bones should be avoided as they can splinter. Mashed potatoes mixed with butter and milk can make pets sick and of course, chocolate is toxic to both cats and dogs.


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