December 4, 2020

Among Us Players Can Now Get a Free Pet

By haziqbinarif

Among Us players are getting an opportunity to earn a unique pet to follow them around while they complete tasks, and all you have to do to acquire it is watch other people play the game. The pet in question is a “Glitch Pet,” and as you might’ve guessed from the name, it’s being given out by Twitch and is modeled after the Twitch symbol. It’s available to get in-game starting today on December 4th, but the offer will only be around until December 18th.

Twitch shared a preview of the new Glitch Pet Friday on Twitter alongside the announcement for the pet itself. Also included in that announcement were the very important details on how players can get the pet. It involves a couple of steps to set up your account correctly to receive it, but once you’ve taken care of those, you should have no issue getting the pet.

To start, all you have to do is head to Twitch and watch the Among Us Twitch Rivals series which started on Friday and will continue for the next two weeks. You have to watch at least 30 minutes of people playing Among Us, and after that, you should receive a prompt that tells you you’ve earned the Glitch Pet.

After you’ve claimed your Twitch Drop, you then have to link your Among Us and Twitch accounts together. Doing so involves going into Among Us and selecting the Twitch Glitch icon and then logging into your Twitch account after you’ve been redirected. The steps below easily lay out how to get the pet, but just know that the opportunity to link your accounts is currently only available on the PC version of the game, not mobile.

Among Us players will have a chance to get the Glitch Pet for free each day that the Twitch Rivals games featuring Among Us are played, so if you’re a no-pet player, be sure to get it before the offer ends on December 18th.

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