December 5, 2020

9 Best Financial Advisors in San Antonio, Texas • Benzinga

By haziqbinarif

San Antonio is one of the most rapidly growing major cities in the United States. It makes sense that you’ll be able to locate a plethora of skilled financial advisors in the city. Benzinga has done the work for you by researching a host of financial advisors to give you the best list possible given your specific circumstances.

Best Financial Advisors in San Antonio Near You

Best for Retirement Planning: PAX Financial Group

PAX Financial Group employs some of the top financial advisors and certified financial planners to live the life you’ve always imagined. 

PAX Financial Group isn’t a big fan of the word “retirement” because the strict definition is that when you retire, you’re taken out of service — the underlying assumption is that your life is no longer useful. Instead of retiring, PAX Financial switches to a PIVOT system. 

The PIVOT system separates and sorts your assets into varying investment classes. By dividing your money into different “buckets” with varying risk levels, PAX helps you keep your retirement income safe and protected, helps you grow wealth to pass on and maintains your emergency fund.


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