December 6, 2020

‘Groundbreaking’ Vegan Dog Leashes Are Strong Like Leather, But Made From Apples

By haziqbinarif

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

One company’s groundbreaking Apple Dog Accessories are stronger than leather, yet made from fruit.

As an alternative to the leather industry, Project Blu says it created a vegan-friendly pet collar line without compromising on quality.

Their collars, leashes, harnesses (and even poop-bag holders) are handmade in Italy from apple skins mixed with an organic polymer to create “an incredibly strong, waterproof material that is also kind to the planet.”

Through their Kickstarter campaign, they are offering, for a limited time, special early-bird prices available now. The main features are:

  • Made from simply apple skins and an organic polymer (the apple skins derive from organic apples grown in the Italian Alps)
  • Super strong and safe
  • Handmade by Italian artisans
  • 3 Classic Styles
  • Waterproof & stain resistant
  • Comfy feel and 100% cruelty free – PeTA approved vegan

And, with every sale made, the company plants a tree in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects to help combat deforestation.

On a mission to remove pollution from the pet industry, Project Blu wants to revolutionize the pet product market offering products that are sustainable, affordable, and built to last.

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The pet accessory business is based in Wales, with manufacturing facilities in Tuscany, Italy. They won an award for ‘Best Startup in Wales 2020’.

Kristian Tobin

“We pride ourselves in delivering high quality products while helping out the planet that we are lucky enough to live on,” says Founder Geryn Evans.

A market leader in Europe for sustainable pet products, the company boasts a leadership team that has been distributing pet merchandise for over 40 years.

The Kickstarter campaign is their worldwide launch, after needing to postpone their expansion into the US markets this year due to COVID.

Project Blu states their products are already in the production line to ensure prompt delivery times—though they will not begin mailing them until the campaign ends, for delivery in January. Check out their vegan-friendly pet line here on Kickstarter.

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