December 6, 2020

This Dog is the Best Big Brother to His Little Pig Sister! [Video]

By haziqbinarif

Dogs are a man’s best friend, and vice-versa…right? Well, that may be true for many, it’s not quite the case for this dog. While we’re sure that George loves his human family, his best friend happened to be a little piglet named Debbie!

Debbie was rescued when she was still a little piglet. When she arrived in her new home, she was understandably a bit nervous. However, George’s presence could comfort anyone. It only took about 20 minutes after her arrival for Debbie to warm up to her big dog brother, George. Despite his large size, he’s such a nurturing and gentle lovebug. We can see why she grew so attached to him!

The sweet duo loved to sleep and snuggle together more than anything. George also gave his little sister lots of kisses and cleaned her with licks. He’s the definition of a gentle giant.

Sadly, Debbie passed away a little over a year ago. However, you can keep up with George and his many animal friends at the Nana George Animal Sanctuary on Instagram.

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