December 10, 2020

Local businesses team up to ensure pets have food for holiday season

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EVANSVILLE (WEHT) – Tri-State animal rescues have taken a hit with fundraisers being canceled this past year and even some pet owners are struggling when it comes to providing for their animals.
So a few businesses have pulled together in support of pets this holiday season.

Eyewitness News teamed up with some local businesses Wednesday to make sure that our furry friends are not left off the Christmas list.

“They came to us and said they were wanting to do a Stock the Shelter event for food because everybody’s having a hard time getting food for Christmas for the sheltered dogs. And we’ve always been involved in anything that has to do with the shelters, Humane Society or any of those type of things,” said Michael Stepto, Pet Food Center owner.

“We realized the dog food and cat food are probably getting left off the list so that other family members can eat so we wanna make sure everybody has food,” said Kance Hughes with

“Pet Food Center’s been fantastic, we were able to put a list of things together and have a box. You know the generous people of Evansville were able to buy things on the list and donate in the box and they were brought to our office and we were able to collect them and divide them up between the shelters that we’re donating to,” said Abbey Weintraut with

“I was quite surprised when they pulled up, they not only had the truckload of food here but they’ve told also told us they’re having a truckload from pet food center with several palettes of food, so that is a significant amount,” said Jessa McCauley, It Takes a Village officer manager.

Over $12,000 worth of food was dropped off here at the shelter where it’ll help animals.

“Some of it we’ll use in house and some of it, we’ll give to our fosters that take care of the animals in their homes, and we also maintain a community food bank for people in need so they can contact us and tell us how many pets they have and the age of their pets that way we can make sure we’re getting them the right food,” said Jessa McCauley.

All who were involved with this special event say they are grateful for the outpouring of community support.

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(This story was originally published on December 9, 2020)


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