December 10, 2020

Sea of Thieves holiday update adds ice pets and glacial ship cosmetics today

By haziqbinarif

Sea of Thieves is celebrating the holidays in its usual swashbuckling fashion with the Festival of Giving update, live now and packed with seasonal cosmetics, returning Voyages, and new events.

New additions to the Pirate Emporium include the gorgeous Frozen Horizon ship set and holiday-themed weapons, costumes, and emotes. Log in any time during December and you get the Frozen Horizon Tankard for free, which looks great for keeping your grog nice and frosty, but seems to give vomit an icy blue hue. But by far the coolest additions are the Glacial Curse Pets, which are cats and dogs that look like they’ve been turned into White Walkers from Game of Thrones. That’s an automatic buy for me.

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