December 13, 2020

‘My giant 20lbs pet rabbit loves watching Strictly on TV and has his own bedroom’

By haziqbinarif

Jester the giant rabbit is so big he has his own bedroom in his owner’s home.

And Lyn Hobson admits her 20lb pet is “spoiled rotten”.

He even sits on the sofa with her, watching Strictly Come Dancing on BBC.

And he has three beds to rest his huge head, including one in his own room.

Jester is a Continental Giant, also known as a German Giant, a large breed of rabbit.

Lyn , 60, from Scunthorpe, North Lincs, said: “Jester is the best pet anyone could wish for.

“His character is absolutely lovely, he’s very loving, calm and well-behaved.

Lyn grapples with her giant rabbit, Jester, outside their home in Scunthorpe

“I love him so much and so spoil him rotten, he’s like a child to me really.

“Everything that I do he follows me along, whether it’s watching television or doing the washing up.

“He’s very sociable.”

Lyn bought Jester last year and compared to now he looked like a normal sized rabbit

The retired chef, who lives with husband and ex-serviceman Peter, bought Jester last year, when he was just a few weeks old.

She has since toilet trained him so that he can live in the house as opposed to in a hutch outside.

“Everyone who meets him falls in love, he’s just one of those pets that people are drawn towards” she said.

Lyn is hoping that Jester’s star quality could become a lucrative career.

Jester’s owners hope he could make it as a model

The retired chef posts pictures of Jester on his own social media pages and has been inundated with messages from new fans, including an author who writes about rabbits.

He has modelled for the front cover of an educational title and as the lead character in a children’s book. 

Lyn is hoping the appearances will kickstart Jester’s modelling career and she has created a profile for him on a website which he could be selected for further work from.

She added:”Hopefully he can do a bit more modelling work next year, especially around Easter, that could be quite busy I think.”

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The Continental Giant, also known as the German Giant, is a very large breed of rabbit originally bred for meat.

The longest on record is 4ft 4ins long while the heaviest weighs a whopping 53lbs.

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