December 14, 2020

Area Animal Shelter Seeing Rise in Surrenders

By haziqbinarif

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. – Thousands of evictions have been filed throughout the pandemic—and that’s also having an impact on local animal shelters.

What You Need To Know

  • Manatee County Animal Services seeing rise in surrenders
  • Shelter officials says evictions are having an impact
  • Shelters are struggling to find permanent homes for the animals

Many animal rescues are now seeing an influx of surrenders because of families losing their homes. 

“It’s just a sad situation,” says Hans Wohlgefahrt, of Manatee County Animal Services. “Many of these pets were adopted earlier this year, and now they’re back.”

Wohlgefahrt says they’ve been able to trace many surrendered to unstable housing. 

“Finances have been tough this year, many people don’t know where they are going to live,” he said. 

Now hitting capacity, shelters across the Bay area are struggling to find permanent housing for the animals. 

“It’s a big concern when this eviction ban is lifted,” Wohlgefahrt said. “But I know there are families that can open up their homes for these dogs.” 

To adopt an animal, contact Manatee County Animal Services

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