December 14, 2020

Pet food manufacturer looks to expand to Dubuque, creating 271 jobs

By haziqbinarif

DUBUQUE, Iowa. (KWWL) —– A pet food company looks to expand its national operations into Dubuque, which would create 271 jobs over three years.

Simmons Pet Food Inc. is the nation’s sixth-largest pet food manufacturer.

Simmons wants to buy the old Flexsteel Industries building by the end of this year.

A special meeting of Dubuque City Council was held on Friday to advance the plans.

Simmons’ new operation will hire 138 workers next year, and increase that number to 271.

“Customers include blue-chip companies that represent the top 10 pet food and retailers in the United States,” city manager Michael C. Van Milligen said Friday in the virtual meeting.

The deal rides on approval of incentives from the state of Iowa and the city.

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