December 16, 2020

100 most popular names for cats and dogs in 2020

By haziqbinarif

Luna has been revealed as the most pup-ular name for puppies and kittens this year, according to pet insurer MORE THAN, as the moon-inspired name continues to eclipse the top 100 lists.

MORE THAN insurance reports that the number of new quotes for puppies named Luna have rocketed by 28% in the last year, while quotes for kittens named Luna shot up by 31%. Milo follows as the second most popular name, climbing up the top 10 lists for new puppies and kittens over the last year, from fourth and seventh place respectively.

However, it seems that Brits have fallen out of love with the name Snoopy for a dog, as MORE THAN’s list shows a dramatic fall for the name from #6 to #347 over the last year. Meanwhile, Winnie, Mabel and Otis have been amongst the highest climbers in the top 100 list for puppy names, while Bonnie, Kiki and Pepper have been amongst the highest climbers for kittens.

Graham Nicholls, Head of Pet Insurance at MORE THAN, said: “The more traditional names of past years such as Luna, Lola and Bella still dominate when it comes to new pets, but we are seeing a phenomenal rise in the number of Milos on our books. The meaning of the name is said to be ‘merciful’ or ‘soldier’ which, when considering how difficult it’s been this year, is perhaps why it’s proving to be so popular.”

Pet ownership has boomed during 2020, with nearly half of all Brits who currently own a pet getting at least one new furry friend during the first lockdown. The level of care which is now being afforded to these furry companions also continues to rise, with MORE THAN insurance reporting a 20% increase in new pet insurance quotes for puppies and kittens this year, compared to 2019.

The lists also reveal that puppies named Boris have more than doubled over the last year (+108%), rising from #128 to #74 in the list of most pup-ular names, and have almost tripled since 2018 (+197%). Meanwhile, kittens called Boris have risen +131% since December 2019, jumping up from #123 to #48 – reaching the top 50 feline names for the first time. Labrador Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels and Pugs were found to be the most popular breeds amongst puppies named Boris.

MORE THAN’s Graham Nicholls continues: “Dogs and cats have provided solace to millions of Brits during this difficult year, and for many new pet owners, it’s provided that much-needed company and boost for our mood. For those who already have a pet, spending more time at home has meant we’ve become closer to them.”

The insurer also reports that the number of puppies named Stormzy has tripled (+235%) since 2018, citing the artist’s headline performance at Glastonbury last year being a major factor behind the trend.

Graham Nicholls says: “With everything our pets do for us, we should return the favour by keeping them happy and healthy. Make sure you think about the long-term commitment you’ll be making when you get a new pet – will you have enough time to play with them, exercise them, and can you afford to look after them? Getting a new pet is a big decision that requires a lot of thought, but a new furry companion can bring real benefits to your life if you’re ready for the commitment.”

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