December 18, 2020

Australian Woman Dives Into Towering Sea Foam to Rescue Dog Who Disappeared Under the Surface

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An Australian woman rescued her dog this week after the animal was swallowed up by a blanket of seafoam.

a person sitting at a beach: Hazel the dog was buried under a massive amount of sea foam covering Australia's Gold Coast

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Hazel the dog was buried under a massive amount of sea foam covering Australia’s Gold Coast

As a result of extreme weather on Australia’s Gold Coast, many of the region’s beaches are covered in a thick brown foam, rendering it impossible to see below the surface of the surf.

On Monday, a woman was wading through the thick foam covering the Gold Coast’s Snapper Rocks when her dog Hazel disappeared under the foam, Australian outlet 7 News reported. Thanks to a meteorologist standing nearby, who was about to go on air, the canine’s incredible rescue was caught on tape.

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In the video, Hazel’s owner can be seen searching relentlessly through the foam while calling out her pet’s name, hoping to get the pup to pop her head above the surface.

Several bystanders also joined the owner in her search, shouting “Hazel” as they moved through the water.

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The owner also paused every so often to stand on her tiptoes to scan the area for her dog.

Thankfully, it was not long before Hazel was located below the foam. A bystander assisting with the rescue put the foam-covered dog back into her owner’s arms.

At the end of the clip, people in the area can be heard cheering for Hazel’s successful rescue.

Earlier this month, another rescue clip went viral after first responders saved a dog stranded on a chunk of ice in a river.

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According to KVRR, a woman was out on a walk near the Sheyenne River in Horace, North Dakota when she spotted a Lab on a block of ice in the middle of the water.

Unsure how to help the dog off the ice and through the frigid river, the Good Samaritan called 9-1-1 for assistance. First responders from the Cass County Sheriff’s Office and West Fargo Fire Department arrived on the scene and quickly assessed the situation.

“The dog was pretty much in the dead middle of the river. I’d say it was approximately 30 feet from the shoreline. 20 to 30 feet,” Cass County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Craig Keller told the outlet.

To safely get the dog back on land, two firefighters donned water suits and went into the river to rescue the dog. One firefighter managed to climb onto the chunk of ice carrying the canine – later revealed to be a pooch named Lola – and carefully grabbed the pet. Once the rescuer had a firm grasp on Lola, they were pulled back to shore.

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