December 19, 2020

Pets as presents: A good idea?

By haziqbinarif

Pets are a long term commitment.

Americans have a long tradition of giving pets, usually puppies or kittens, as gifts for special occasions especially during the holidays. 

The ASPCA recommends that pets be obtained from animal shelters, rescue organizations, friends, family or responsible breeders—not from places where the source of the animal is unknown or untrusted.

Our local shelters are filled with dogs and cats looking for their forever homes and a second chance on life outside animal control.

Pet ownership is a huge responsibility, and a long-term commitment. While it is all fun and games in the beginning, eventually the novelty wears off and someone is ultimately responsible for that pet, their well-being and their happiness. 

When a child requests a pet for Christmas, parents should not enter that decision lightly.  Most likely that child is not going to be the one taking care of that pet.

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