December 19, 2020

Rockford pet groomer says mobile salon business is booming during pandemic

By haziqbinarif

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The coronavirus pandemic has changed how most people go about their daily task, but a local entrepreneur says his pet grooming business is getting a lot of “appaws.”

William Caldwell is the owner of Fur on the Fly, a mobile pet grooming company that operates in the Rockford area.

Caldwell started his business in 2017 as a way to offer pet owners grooming for their furry friends without making a trip to the salon.

“It’s not always easy to take that drive, and then wait for the pet, and then pick the pet up after it’s been done,” Caldwell said. “We do the same things a traditional grooming shop would do, except we do all of that on wheels. So anything you would expect a normal groomer to do, we can do inside our salons.”

But now, convenience isn’t the only reason people are looking for an at-home visit: since the pandemic began in March, he says his business has been booming.

“People are really looking for ways to have the least amount of contact to the outside world right now. So, staying away from busy shopping centers and using grocery delivery services, and things of that nature. I think we fall right along the lines of that and people have a real sense of security when they use our service,” he explained.

Tanya Munger has been getting her dogs Gunner and Piper groomed with Fur on the Fly for the last several years because of their separation anxiety. She doesn’t see herself going back to a traditional groomer anytime soon.

“From the mobile unit, they can see out the window and they can still see their house,” Munger said. “So that’s made a huge difference. So we’ve done this pre-Covid, and now with Covid it’s even better. Makes more sense.”


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