December 20, 2020

SPCA Pets of the Week: Georgia, Jenga, Puff, Bagel, and Eclair | Community

By haziqbinarif and the Lycoming County SPCA have partnered to bring you the Pet of the Week, featuring shelter animals in need of a forever home. Think adoption, think SPCA. 



Names: Georgia, Jenga, Puff

Georgia, Jenga, and Puff are bonded siblings. They are seven months old and love to eat together, nap together, and play together. The friendly trio are well-rounded and have grown up around children and dogs. Their Christmas wish: a forever home together!


Guinea Pigs

Names: Bagel and Eclair

Bagel and Eclair are father and son guinea pigs. They love each other and are looking to be adopted together. They are simply adorable and love to squeak and giggle and eat romaine and hay. These two are sure to bring you much joy!


Other SPCA news: 

They’re currently running low on:

▪️Canned Wet Cat Food (any brand)

▪️Canned Wet Dog Food (any brand)

If you are able to donate please feel free to drop any items outside the doors of the shelter while they’re open. Another option is sending a shipment from the Amazon Wish list or Chewy. Thank you for all of your support! 

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