December 21, 2020

Labrador becomes overly excited every time he gets food and makes a mess on floor

By haziqbinarif

An excited dog has left viewers creasing with the way he speeds out of his kennel and makes a mess everywhere every time he gets fed.

Labrador Duoduo was left by his owner with a dog sitter at a pet shop in China after being locked up in a small cage for a long time.

The shop owner realised the pooch became hyperactive when he fed him food and believed that he was neglected while staying in the cage.

Footage shared onto Douyin, a Chinese equivalent of TikTok, shows the excited dog shaking his head and wagging his tail when the dog sitter brings him a bowl of dry food.

Duoduo couldn't contain his excitement when he saw food
Duoduo couldn’t contain his excitement when he saw food

Duoduo dashes out of the kennel with force, smashing the glass door as he propels himself across the floor towards the food.

The dog couldn’t bother to stand up and starts gobbling down the food like a beast.

The clip has been liked more than 960,000 times , with viewers leaving mixed reviews in the comments.

Many said Duoduo’s behaviour appeared to be caused by hunger anxiety.

One asked: “He must have been left with no food for a long time! How often do you feed him?”

He smashed the glass door as he ran and chomped down on the food
He smashed the glass door as he ran and chomped down on the food

Another said: “Looks like he has been starved for ages!”

The dog sitter explained that Duoduo is not underweight and that he feeds the pooch twice a day. He believed Duoduo developed the strange eating habit when he was locked up in the cage since a young age.

Others make light of the clip and said the dog was “overreacting”.

A dog lover said: “Labradors are drama kings. But I haven’t seen one that goes all out when there is food.”

“This is so funny,” a second penned. “Duoduo’s reaction is priceless.”

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