December 21, 2020

Woman in Weldon has around 400 pet pigs; can’t afford to keep taking care of them

By haziqbinarif

WELDON, Calif. (KGET) – When life hands you more than 300 pigs you don’t make bacon. Or at least- that wasn’t the plan for one woman in Weldon. Tyra Tabor lives on a farm in Weldon with more than 300 pigs. And she’s got a name for each and every one of them.

“Its been great,” Tabor said. “I’ve never been so happy in my life as having the pigs with me.”

Not many people would be able to handle one of these rowdy animals. Much less hundreds of them. But Tabor says she loves them like family.

“They mean everything to me,” Tabor said. “They’re my heart, my whole world.”

It started two and a half years ago – when she began rescuing pigs from people who couldn’t take care of them.

“I sold my house in the San Fernando Valley and bought this place to help pigs that needed homes, needed to be saved,” Tabor said.

But Tabor never wanted this many pigs.

“This is really hard for me to talk about because I’m mortally ashamed it got so out of hand,” Tabor said. “This was not what was supposed to happen. I envisioned I would be able to take care of the ones I took on forever.”

She started with around 60 of them, but they quickly multiplied.

“I had the males and the females separate and somehow the males got out and were in with the females,” Tabor said. “And that started the problem. So at a point it was either fix them or feed them. But of course I chose to feed them because thats immediate.”

Now Tabor can no longer afford to take care of them

“Its going to be hard but as long as I know they’re ok it’s ok,” Tabor said.

Some animal rescue organizations caught a whiff of this story and accused her of animal abuse. One posted her address online and told people to go steal the pigs. Others came to help. Rena Salomon and her team from Angel in a Hummer and Heart Foundation respond to crises throughout the world.

“She’s done her best with what she’s been given to keep the pigs alive and she’s done amazing in my opinion,” Salomon said. “So I wanted to give her 100% support, ensure their safety and carry forward from what she’s done.”

They rallied most of the pigs into trailers. And took them to a ranch in San Diego.

“We have the females going into one pasture and the males going in another,” Salomon said. “We have vets coming out to spay and neuter and to immunize and take care of nutrition.”

They’ll put the pigs up for adoption soon. But Salomon and her team need donations to keep the pigs healthy.

If you’d like to adopt a pig, you can go to their website.

You can also donate to help rescue teams take care of the pigs.

Or you can send an email to

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