December 22, 2020

Foster program aims to help give abandoned, surrendered pets in Manatee Co. loving home for holidays

By haziqbinarif

MANATEE COUNTY (WFLA) – Officials with Manatee County Animal Services say they’ve seen an increase in surrendered and abandoned pets over the last few months.

Outreach and Event Specialist Hans Wohlgefahrt tells 8 On Your Side many of the pet owners are facing troubles tied to the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is very sad that because of the economic and housing hardship that people are not able to keep their pets,” said Wohlgefahrt.

He says many of the pets are young and healthy.

“For many, it looks like they have been recently adopted and we are really trying to get those pets back into a home and a stable life. They come to the shelter and they are very scared and it is a sad situation to see because we are seeing so many of them,” said Wohlgefahrt.

Right now, the shelter is over capacity with 88 dogs and 27 cats.

The hope is to find all of the dogs and cats loving, forever homes, but if adoption is too much of a committment right now, there’s another option that can help the pets in the long term.

Manatee County Animal Services has an ongoing holiday foster program.

“Every pet deserves a home for the holidays and it is very sad to see these pets sitting in the shelter. What we are really hoping to see is that people will welcome them into their homes whether it is for the short term as a foster or as a forever home for an adoption,” said Wohlgefahrt.

Up until January 5, you can take home a shelter dog or cat for 2 – 5 days. For all foster participants, MCAS will provide all food and necessary supplies. For more information, visit this webpage. If you’re interested in fostering, you can fill out the express application.

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