December 23, 2020

DEEP Issues Statement: Transportation Climate Initiative Program

By haziqbinarif

Press release from Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection:

“The need for action now on climate change is clear and urgent. Misinformation by climate change deniers must be addressed to turn us away from the growing costs of inaction. TCI-P represents a smart, carefully designed program that efficiently delivers real reductions in pollution from the largest source of greenhouse gases, and substantial re-investments in healthier communities and infrastructure,” said DEEP Commissioner Katie Dykes. “The program is designed with a focus on consumer protection, and given future uncertainties, includes elements like a cost containment reserve to help ensure that any impact on gas prices would not exceed $0.09 per gallon in 2023. Expected impacts are nearly half that, at $0.05 per gallon, well within the range of historical gas price variability, or about the difference in prices between two gas stations on the same street.”

Dykes continued, “Claims of higher gas price impacts are coming from those who see no reason to address the crisis of our time which will impact our children and grandchildren. We all know that the residents of our state value smart policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and won’t fall for erroneous commentary derived from outdated analysis, and politically disingenuous critics.”

This press release was produced by Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. The views expressed here are the author’s own.

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