December 23, 2020

Pets became co-workers in COVID-19 pandemic

By haziqbinarif

I think I’ve created a monster.

A tiny cat monster.

Since the March onset of my working from home, there’s been a deliberate takeover by one who walks on little cat paws but carries big clout.

The constant finagling onto the arm of the chair, causing me to type awkwardly with my elbow pressed against my body, the nonchalant tiptoeing over computer keys, and the furry torso sprawled between the Rolodex and my laptop is all bad enough — but worst of all, is the staring.

The staredown is cat psychology for: “get up, go to the kitchen, give me food.”

Apparently, feeding time is now every waking moment.

It first started as a joke — people calling their pets co-workers as the global pandemic forced many employees into the confines of their homes.

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