December 24, 2020

Albuquerque Animal Welfare welcoming donations

By haziqbinarif

Ortega said people have been stepping up to foster pets, preventing the shelter from hitting its capacity.

However, the shelter is still in need of supplies, according to Ortega.

“Blankets, towels, beds, even dog houses,” Ortega said. “If they like smaller things– can be like I mentioned toys free treats dog food, leashes and harnesses things like that.”

The shelter recently had an event where they collected several essentials that will still be going on until the end of the month but people can go year-

round to drop off supplies. They can also contribute virtually.

“Animal Welfare does have a gift wish list on Amazon and you can go in to Amazon, to be COVID-safe, since everybody seems to be ordering online these days, and just select through Smile Kennel Compadres and get a delivered either to the Westside Animal Shelter or the Eastside Animal Shelter.”

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