January 6, 2021

Almost Home Dog Rescue welcomes new resident who was abandoned like a ‘piece of equipment’

By haziqbinarif

A DOG who does not ‘understand cuddles or love’ has been abandoned like a ‘piece of equipment’.

Staff at Almost Home Dog Rescue centre in Nercwys are urging people to be aware of ‘backyard breeders’ that use dogs for breeding only.

A 12-year-old staffie has arrived at the rescue after a ‘very hard life’ being used for backyard breeding until she ‘couldn’t do it anymore and has been thrown out’.

A spokesman for the rescue said: “If you must go to a breeder, do research into the breeder you use. Make sure you see mother and living conditions.

“We have named this girl Mabel. She is a sweetheart and has won everyone over.

“She came into our care a few days ago, since then she been to the vets and settled nicely into a foster home.

“Thank you so much to our amazing fosterers who are loving her so much and allowing her to find her way. She is learning that not all humans want something from her.

“As you can imagine her vet report is long and a tad scary.”

Mabel not only has physical scars but has also been affected emotionally.

The rescue spokesman added: “Mabel has a number of mammary tumours, one is very large, the size of a tennis ball, an intestinal infection, she has another growth on her eye, bad teeth, poor eyesight and hard of hearing, low body score and some old injuries including a missing toe.

“It’s not just the physical issues we need to fix with this girl, she doesn’t understand cuddles or love and has clearly been nothing more than a profit-making piece of equipment to be disposed of when she’s no longer of use.

“She was so shutdown and shy however she is now coming out of her shell.

“Please keep this girl in your thoughts as she has long road of recovery ahead. We will do what is right by this girl and she’ll make all the decisions.

“For now, we are clearing up all the infections, then another vet check before we book in some operations for her. However, right now she is sleeping in a cosy bed in warm loving home.”

The rescue aims to educate people about the price dogs pay when used by backyard breeders.

Anyone wishing to donate to help Mabel, and other animals in need at the rescue, can do so online at https://almosthome.dog/donate/

The spokesman said: “Thank you as always, we wouldn’t be able to help dogs like Mabel, without your kindness.”

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