January 17, 2021

Tank And Dixie Are Hillsborough’s Pets Of The Week

By haziqbinarif

HILLSBOROUGH, NJ — Meet Tank and Dixie! They have been chosen as Hillsborough Patch’s Pets Of The Week.

“My dogs, Tank and Dixie are both rescues from Kentucky. They are amazing in so many ways like protecting my daughter, Stacy, and loving up on my husband and I when we’re having a bad day. They are both Emotional Support Animals and have helped us more times than we can count. I don’t know what I would do without them!”

— Sara Vestick, Hillsborough

Do you think your pet should be Hillsborough’s Pet of the Week?

Participating in the Pet of the Week happenings is simple: submit your nomination by emailing alexis.tarrazi@patch.com with the subject line “Hillsborough Pet Of The Week.” Be sure to include a photograph or two of your pet, a paragraph about what makes him or her so great, the town you’re from, and your name.

Then just keep an eye out for a photo of your pet on the Patch!

The photo can be of a present pet, or it can be a baby picture of the adult pet you’re so proud of today. All photos must be the property of the submitter. By submitting a photo to Patch the submitter agrees to give permission for it to be published on Patch.

Additionally, the chosen Pet of the Week will receive a free bag of Fromm pet food from Amwell Pet Supply in Hillsborough. Stop into the store, located at 434 Route 206, in Hillsborough. For more information call 908-359-5117.

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