January 22, 2021

PETS | Hometown Focus | Northland news & stories

By haziqbinarif

Pet supplies

Wheat seed for planting, animal food or birds, $10 for 50 lbs. 218-638-2754 Dog carrier, 36”L, a large electric dog bowl, dog bed that fits in carrier, $45. 744-2300

WWBoven’s Browns Pullets: 19-22 weeks old, just starting to lay. Beef by the Quarter or Half. Pork –half or whole. Farm raised chickens. Call Joe Sopp @ 218- 290-1024****

Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats For milk & show. www.Baa-siFarmz.com. 218-994-1973***


Goat-Purebred Alpine Buck, 9 months old. Makes a great stud.$150. (218) 410-8568

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