January 26, 2021

Moving with your furkid? Be sure to plan ahead! | Pets

By haziqbinarif

Make plans for overnight accommodations

If you’re moving far away and there will be overnight stops on your road trip to your new town, it’s important to book pet-friendly lodging in advance, to ensure there’s availability and that your pet is welcome.  If you will need extended stay accommodations when arriving in your new location, be sure to book those ahead as well.

Pack a bag of essentials for your pet

Just as you would pack an overnight bag for yourself, pack one for your four-legged family member.  Be sure your pet has all the necessities not only for the road trip, but also enough to last for a couple days after the move.  Some of these essentials include your pet’s food, water, medications, bowls, collar/leash, favorite toy or blanket, and a first aid kit. 

Plan to secure your pet in your vehicle

The rest of your family buckles up when riding in the car, and your pet should, too!  Vehicle pet barriers, pet seat belts, pet car seats, and pet travel crates are all great options to help keep your pet safe when he’s riding with you. When it comes to which option to choose, figure out what’s best for your particular pooch.  Whatever pet safety device you choose, it’s best to purchase it at least one month in advance and try it out so your dog becomes familiar with it. 

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