February 5, 2021

Expecting $1,400 Soon? These 3 Stocks Would’ve Turned It Into $5,000 — in Just 1 Year | Smart Change: Personal Finance

By haziqbinarif

Trupanion specializes in veterinary medical coverage for dogs and cats. It’s not the only player in pet health insurance, but its proprietary platform ensures that veterinarians and other medical professionals serving pets have access to medical records and get paid quickly. Trupanion is also amassing a useful database of pet health records, giving it the ability to detect trends, spot fraud, and even potentially give pet owners viable financial alternatives to euthanasia.

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically increased the number of people owning pets, and that’s created a spike in demand for veterinary services. Controlling costs is Trupanion’s biggest value proposition, and rising customer counts show that people are catching on. Yet with an addressable market of tens of millions of dogs and cats that’s far greater than its current subscriber base of roughly 800,000, Trupanion isn’t going to run out of room to grow anytime soon.

Don’t settle for just 1 year

These three stocks have paid off well in just a single year, but true investors aren’t satisfied with a quick score. All three of these companies have the potential to keep on climbing from here and could eventually produce life-changing wealth for those long-term investors who stay the course. Given enough time and continued success for each of these businesses, a $1,400 investment in these stocks could turn into a whole lot more than $5,000.

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